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Craig is a musician and scholar whose music and videos draw attention to Indigenous histories and worldviews.  Craig is an Associate Professor (Teaching) in the Department of Classics and Religion and serves as the Director of the International Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Calgary. He is a citizen of the Métis Nation of Alberta.  Craig received the inaugural Excellence in the Arts Award at the 2023 Métis Recognition Awards. In 2021/2022 he was awarded a fellowship with Evolve to Innovate.  In 2021 the Calgary Herald featured Songs of Justice among Ten Notable Albums from Calgary-area musicians and recognized Craig as a “Compelling Calgarian.”  Call This Land, a song about the naming of Manitoba, reached #8 on the Indigenous Music Countdown. Walk With Me, a song that celebrates the Lac Ste Anne pilgrimage, was played during the Papal Visit to Lac Ste Anne.

Craig’s projects available as open-access educational resources include the Songs of Justice Project released in August 2021 and the Animal Kinship Project released in April 2024. The Songs of Justice Project is a collection of songs and videos that challenge the apologetics of colonialism while celebrating the perseverance and goodness of Indigenous pathways and teachings. Five songs from draw attention to the historical and current significance, both spiritual and political, of Louis Riel and the Métis people. The Animal Kinship Project is a collection of songs and videos that honour the impact and presence of animals, highlighting Indigenous understandings of relationality with animals. Two songs address the historical slaughters of animals, the plains bison in the late-19th century and Inuit sled dogs from 1950-1975.


Craig hopes that his projects will serve as educational and motivational resources and contribute in a good way to Truth and Reconciliation.

"Poignant, powerful imagery and messages sung and spoken over a sonic landscape that work extremely well together, creating an immersive listening experience. I’m very impressed and moved by the album Craig has created, an important and enjoyable piece of work." 

- Russell Broom, JUNO/SOCAN/WCMA/AMPIA award winning producer/writer/musician



Contact and Bookings

Questions about Projects or Booking Craig Ginn for Events:

Craig W C Ginn PhD
Department of Classics and Religion - University of Calgary
2500 University Drive N.W. Calgary, AB  T2N 1N4 Canada

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